Saturday, 20 October 2012

Shopping Spotlight: Barnyard Kids

I am constantly on the look out for new brands and new online shops for childrenswear, and every now and then I come across an online store that is just perfect.

Barnyard Kids is a great site and holds a range of super cool labels that we at Millie Is Wearing have reported on before such as Fub, Katvig, Smafolk and Molo! As well other equally cool labels such as Urban Elk and Name It!

For example I love the label Maxomorra that Barnyard Kids offer (this is a new label to me) and this great spotty dress will look amazing with bright purple tights and orange ballet pumps shoes to brighten up a winters day!

Love this Maxomorra dress from

Their web store which can be found on is super easy to navigate and gives clear and concise information about the products! There's nothing more I hate than having to go through multiple stages to get to purchase one item of clothing!

Moccis Moccasins from

The age range of pieces starts from newborn to 7 years and cover everything from dresses, tops and trousers to hats, caps and super cute Swedish Moccasins!

We love this CTH fur hat from


The lovely people at Barnyard Kids have exclusively offered 15% off orders for Millie Is Wearing readers! Just make sure you put that you are a "Millie Is Wearing reader" and your items will be discounted at the checkout!

Super easy to wear Smafolk dress  

Super stylish FUB dress

Cute Urban Elk tee

Molo dress

Theres so much to choose from, a complete wardrobe update could be done by a click of a button!

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