Monday, 23 May 2016

XPress yourself!

Millie has always enjoyed skating, shes not really down with manuals and tricks, she just loves cruising! And she's good... And fast!

She loves the skater look and quite often can be found in her over sized vintage khaki green army shirt and check shirt dress from Urban Outfitters. And has a look reminiscent of skaters such as Jay Adams from the 70's.

But it got me thinking about how she can be perceived sometimes with her peer's. Even though I have offered to stick to the younger 11 year old uniform of cute dresses, Millie just doesn't want to dress like that! 

But she does loves skinny jeans and crop tops, and her Nike sneakers are her one true love! Which is the uniform for most teenagers girl's however.

But Millie somehow likes to do something different, maybe a sign of wanting to be notice for the right or indeed the "wrong" reasons. But ultimately I think she is finding what she feel's comfy in, I don't hold her back and hope she doesn't feel restricted in her quest to find herself!

Then comes in to play the trend of gender fluidity for the future generations, in which Millie even at 11 is seemingly mastering! The highstreet has even jumped on to this trend in a hope to stay current.

Zara launched a gender neutral line offering both men and women the exact same pieces. But in my eyes the collection could be found in most highstreet stores for men and women anyway; basic tees, hoodies and jeans!

However as much as this might be a very timid and nervous offering it is still an offering and it invites the idea of gender fluidity to the highstreet.

My opinion is if they really wanted to express the fluidity of gender shouldn't the collection feature more female pieces, maybe a skirt for both men and women to really push the boundaries? 

We are not talking about transvestites, there are both straight and gay fashionistas exploring the creative possibilities without social restrictions.

Along with the Advertising Standards Authority announcing a bid to look at gender stereotypes in adverts, could this be the boundaries of male and female fashion breaking down? We all remember when Harry Styles wore that Gucci floral suit...

Selfridges are always at the forefront of pushing the underground to highstreet, championing and giving a platform to alot of young new designers. Some of my friends couldn't have done what they did without this acceptance from Selfridges. 

This free open mind to fashion has seen them offer the concept of ''Agender'', with shop windows having no mannequins in the displays. Quoting:

"Not a mannequin in sight, our challenge with Agender was to create windows without using any gender forms. The result is something entirely abstract, allowing us to really focus on the detail of the products. We want everyone to walk past the windows and be attracted to the items on display, completely unrestricted by traditional gender ideas." 

What is also encouraging for the future is that the more ''manly'' of men having adopted a more feminine style in the past such as David Beckham wearing diamond earring in both ears and the cast of TOWIE and various boybands wearing very low cut tshirts to see their muscle cleavage.

But why are we trained to think that pieces like skirts are for women only, I mean its only a slight change in the pattern cutting process. Young stars like Jaden Smith are leading the way for gender and fashion and still looking ''acceptable'' - whatever that is!
Oh and guess what he has a girlfriend too, even though he wears a skirt!
So what will the future hold for Millie and her peers? It's an exciting time in both social and fashion trends! And yes my utopia in my mind for people to be accepted as they are, whatever they look like and whatever they fancy wearing might not be now, but with gender neutral acceptance emerging form the younger generation, this dream of mine might be the future!  

Childrenswear highstreet designers will hopefully understand that girls do not just ''have'' to dress in a uniform of a pink tshirt with a "perfect princess'' logo across the front, tutu and sequin ballet pumps.  

However if girls want to dress like that then thats their choice... And thats the key word here - CHOICE for evryone!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Trend Focus: Ruffles

The Victoriana trend has always had a part in fashion season after season. With elements of the look whether that be a high collar or tiny buttons on the neck line the trend is always there in some form. But after the success of Alexia Chungs 'Harry' blouse it seems that the Victoriana or more importantly the ruffles trend is big news and all over the highstreet.

Its a very girly look which can be dressed up and dressed down. The catwalk was full of various takes on the trend, and girls wear has followed suit!

Ruffles don't have to be restrictive and this tee from JCrew is just not that! Super fun with the mermaid like ruffled fabric, keeping it smple is key. Wear with low rise ripped boyfriend style jeans turned up high at the ankle with a pair of fresh white pumps.

There is nothing tame about this ruffled dress from Jessie and James and theres nothing else you can do but just go for it! Wear with striped tights, a pair of bright pink creeper style shoes and a very large OTT headband.

To get that ruffle vibe you sometimes can keep it very simple and this gorgeous coloured shirt from Wolf and Rita is a different take on the ruffles trend. This amazing green is calling out to be teamed with some yellow leggings and a top knot!

Zara are the Kings (or Queens) of the Victoriana styling and they always have a Victoriana inspired shirt for womenswear every season. But we are in love with this open back girls shirt with ruffle detailing. This is taking the ruffle trend and creativly running with it!

Bang Bang Copenhagen again have taken their interpritation on ruffles and come up with this amazing spotty tshirt dress with orange and lilac ruffles! Just perfect!

This is a more traditional take on the ruffles trend from Morley, this dress would look amazing with simple tan sandals.

We love this denim ruffle inspired dress from JCrew, the ruffles around the neckline also has a feel of the off the shoulder trend for womenswear. On colder days this dress would look great with a long sleeve stripe tee under and baseball boots.

The ruffles on this Zara playsuit are so voluminous the little waist tie pulls the look in perfectly. A great option for warmer climates as the cotton is lightweight.

Have fun....

Monday, 16 May 2016

Trend Focus: The 90's

The 90's trend has been filtering through from the underground through music to the catwalks for quite a few seasons now and now its in full effect for the mainstream. We have blogged about the 90's before but the crazy patterns and oversize styling its just fun and perfect for kids of all ages!

This trend can be seen through various guises; the grunge trend, the Fresh Prince of Bell Air patterns trend and rave era.

 This bomber style jacket from Bobo Choses has elements of the 90's trend, the style of the bomber shape and the crazy Jazzy Jeff prints is crying our for some over sized pants and the running man!

Stella McCartney kids have hit the nail on the head with this 90's inspired dress. The whole piece is such a juxtaposition on the 90's trend; the girly style is in such contrast with the hectic print! This is just calling out for a pair of sneakers and a snap back, we can do girly - sort of!

These low crotch leggings from Beau Loves would not look out of place at a 90's rave at the Hacienda! Super comfortable so you can drop all your moves! Glowsticks?

This tie front dress from Indikidual has the most iconic 90's all over print, team with the bright pink  plain tights and plain white Adidas shell toes.

Bang Bang Copenhagen have done it again! These leggings need to be worn with everything, dresses, skirts, long tshirt dresses and most definitely school unifroms!!?????

This Gucci silk bomber reminds me so much of the Maharishi brand that was so prominent in the 90's, with their embroidered bombers and combat pants!


I love the shape of the Bobo Choses hoodie, relaxed and simple. Keep the hood up at all times and wear with harem pants!

 You can't do a piece on the 90's without looking at some MC Hammer style harem pants! I love the print on these Nununu pants and the super high cuff at the ankle means the low crotch will hang lower! Wear with a simple white tee.

On researching in to different brands out there, I came across these hilarious pieces from Boy and Girl. So reminiscent of the Acid face of the early 90's, they just make me smile! I'll just leave these here....

Friday, 13 May 2016

Millie is a teen - well she's 11... A 5'7'' TWEEN!

Its has been some time since the last blog entry, alot has gone on in Millie sartorial life! No longer is she the cute little 8year old. She has turned into a sassy young lady that wants to fit in with the crowd following older YouTubers advice on how to dress and now looking at pop stars as style icons.

I think this is great and I will never stop her growing up and exploring her style. But with images in the magazine of sexy pop stars that she wants to imitate I find it hard sometimes to find a style that isn't too grown up but is still ''accepted'' as cool in her mind.

In comes the difficult TWEENS period, where you're not a teenager but not a young primary school kid. This transition is difficult mentally and physically. I find this alot with Millie being 5'7'' at 11 years old in that she doesn't physically fit into 'kids' clothing. Instead she will look to the likes of New Look and H&M teens, as well as most women's UK size 6 or 8. Which can be tricky as alot of looks are a little sexy for an 11 year old!

 My style has been through all kinds of themes from rock star to hip hop rapper throughout my life! And to be honest still flips back and forth depending on my mood. And thats what I love about fashion, its not to show off with mega expensive labels its to make you happy, live a fantasy and most importantly have fun!

This is what I intend to show Millie, its not all about fashion and what label you are wearing but its what you feel comfortable in. In the next coming years there will be a change in our relationship. I won't be dressing Millie as I want her to ultimately feel comfortable in her own skin, so I will let her grow. However I will be there for the rock star and hip hop phases, and will advise and encourage not to follow the crowd too much!

 This blog will change angle and I hope will help others through these somewhat at times difficult pre teen and teen years. I will look upon Millie also to be my fountain of knowledge, mixing my trend predictions work with her insight to what girls of the Instagram era are wearing.

I intend to discuss and report on various topics; TWEEN fashion, charity shop hauls, shopping hauls, fashion for different occasions, womenswear catwalk trends that can be diluted into TWEEN friendly fashion, seasonal trends and spot lights on labels.

Its going to be an exciting time and hope you will join us on this fashion adventure!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Summer is here...

Now that we are heading in to the summer months, its time to think about holidays and building sandcastles on the beach!

Wherever you may be holidaying this year Millie Is Wearing have found some of the coolest swimwear out there for girls!

Mini Rodini are well known for their creativity and they haven't disappointed with their SS14 swimwear collection! Millie Is Wearing LOVES this braces design! But behold theres more, they have frilly shoulder swimsuits and bow tie swimsuits and leopard spot swimsuits! All cool enough to be worn as a top too!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Emilie Et Ida as a brand are very modern and very cool. I love this bow pink swimsuit, very simple and very classic! Team with a large brimmed hat, very chic!

The print on this Gardner & The Gang swimsuit is actually of a punk dog called Johnny Cool!!! Its just so amusing that this print works so well on a kids swimsuit, but it does! Wear with DM's and an attitude!

 I love the cut of this Little Creative Factory's vintage swimsuit, very 50's and in such a beautiful colour! Team with a quiff and big sunglasses!

This Nununu star swimsuit is effortless. This is a fun swimsuit, team with big sandcastles built by dad!

Bobo Choses yet again! Yes Millie Is Wearing most blogged about brand have come up trumps with this nude coloured sun swimsuit! Its so happy! Team with ice creams!

Cabbage and Kings have used their logo as the repeat pattern on this swimsuit. Its really pretty and as much as logo pieces can look awful this one is so delicate that it looks very wearable! I love the frill neckline, again not too OTT and very wearable!

Millie Is Wearing are not keen on some two piece swimsuits out there for girls, but the exception has been made for this bright Molo print two piece. This would be great hanging out in warmer climates!