Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Advanced Styling

Flamboyant styling is very much the order of the day for the silent older generation’s coming of quirky age. Where finding their voice at a later stage has allowed for increased confidence and the notion of living each day as it comes! 

Fun and creativity from the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas!

Piling on the accessories and wearing clashing colours but most of all having fun is their ethos.

The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas duo are a big influence in the fashion world!

 This has to be the best fit for childrenswear, where the theme here is to have FuN with what you are wearing! But the style element has to be there as there is a fine line between looking crazy and looking stylish.

90 year old Ilona Smithkin enjoys colour!

To dilute this for a more wearable look make sure that the balance is right, a plain base colour is needed, therefore bright white as a base and brighter accents such as a royal purple and bitter sweet pinks to lift the look.

Iris Apel and her big rimmed glasses are ever present at every fashion event!

Look to brands like Bang Bang Copenhagen to mimic this free spirited style!
Free Thinking at Bang Bang Copenhagen!
I love the detailing of this dress from Bang Bang Copenhagen!
Quirky at Bang Bang Copenhagen!

Fun fun fun at Bang Bang Copenhagen!

The stark contrasts can also be achieved by adding lots of accessories with pom poms, glasses and funky coloured tights.

Iris Apfel is so influential that she has garced front covers of top fashion publications!

The Advanced Style queen Iris Apfel is so influential in the fashion circles she did a fantastic spread for Dazed & Confused!

Looking fabulous!

These fantastic creative women are great inspiration for fashion both young and old! Highlighting the fact that anything can go!

Go have fun!

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