Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Spotlight on: Boys!

After a lot of requests from parents of boys I decided to do a spotlight post of some exciting brands out there within boyswear! I have heard a lot of complaints from parents that boys clothing is very limited with a uniform of jeans and "surfer" logo t-shirts. 

So I have searched the web for some cool and unique sites, some of the sites are from abroad (Dutch) and it may be a case of buying online or finding stockist in the UK. But use this post as inspiration as well as a port of call for online shopping.

The first label I think is interesting is Borxz, a Dutch brand that do have a few logo style t-shirts in their collection, but I choose this label because of the styling! 

Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need and I love the way that they have teamed a logo style t-shirt with retro jogging bottoms and tweed jacket! Its a combination that shouldn't work, but it really does!


By adding a chunky knit scarf with skinny jeans, it automatically makes the whole outfit more quirky!


I have posted about New Generals before and equally love their boys collection! With tonnes underground coolness this brand I think is the best at interpreting what is out there now for menswear on the underground scene and scaling it down perfectly.

The designs aren't groundbreaking but what it does, is give an insight into how simple pieces can be styled. Boys don't want to have too much design into the clothing that will harbour their ability to climb a tree or kick a football around so simple pieces work well.

Leggings don't just have to be for girls, wear with rock style t-shirt and big baseball boots for the LA son of a rock star look!

 Skinny jeans are a staple for most and these elasticated ones will fit perfectly!


I love No Added Sugar as a brand for Millie; their girlswear is super funky and their boyswear follows suit with their super cool collection for AW 12!

I love the stripe rock star skinny trousers teamed with the thick knit stripe jumper! Very Nirvana!

In contrast the great retro brown skinnys and cardigan combo is just so effortlessly cool!


Molo are known for their printed t-shirts and I love this kitsch animal print! Team with black skinnys and black Converse for a simple background to show off the print! Molo have an array of fantastical prints such as Retro Racing, Scrapyard Zoo and Grey Eagle!

They also have outerwear, trousers, hats, gloves and even underwear!

I love these grey drop crotch joggers as design wise they will look amazing with a pair of Converse pumps, but that will not be too restricting for play!

Molo's ethos is that for kids to be kids and their clothes should not be worn for special occasions but for everyday! You can see that in the materials used and the simple but well designed pieces that to be honest I think could be worn for a special occasions and not look out of place!

LOGOS! LOGOS! LOGOS! I know I said before logos can be OTT for boys, but I LOVE the little Viking Man logo from Danish label Danefae!

The Viking man is morphed into all kind of situations like riding a bike, in full costume and even eating his tea on baby bibs! The Danish brand also do a full collection including trousers, outerwear and accessories all in an array of stripes and bright colourways!

They even have bags, socks, and party tableware all featuring the happy little Viking Man! You could style this really OTT and have a mad mixture of stripes and colourways or tone it down with one or two bright pieces and the rest of the outfit plain and simple!


For simple but great quality basics, Katvig are at the forefront when it come to boys! Stripes will never go out of fashion and have become quite a staple for many fashion conscious mums and Katvig do the best array of colours you can find!

Wear these tees layered on a colder day or with skinnys and super cool beanie for urban cool!

Katvig is yet again another Danish company that takes a basic design but makes its funky but adding an offset zip detail or funky retro prints on great quality fabrics! I just love the lion repeat design!

I will post again for boys and spotlight on labels I feel that are interesting, but remember fashion has no rules!

As you know I hold no bounds when it comes to dressing Millie! Although I like her to look good, or at least look good in my eyes, I give her the freedom to chose whats she wants to wear.

Spiderman Alien
A lot of the time she does chose boyish clothing, I don't know if that's because I'm not the most ladylike dresser but I have to admit I love to see girls in boys clothing. Alot of what I have posted I would love to see Millie in too!

Fashion has no rules and if you feel great in something who is to say that is wrong!
Millie as a Pirate Parrot

 Millie quite often goes to the shops as a "Pirate Parrot" or dressed as a "Gothic Batgirl (with slicked back Elvis hair)"  for her school disco and I love that!

Millie as a Goth Batgirl (with Elvis hair???)

We don't have to dress in a uniformed way, but if you want to and feel comfortable doing so - do it! Its just we chose not to!

Here's some more of Millie's best dress up outfits!

An Indian Squirrel

Vampire Girl! (In Summer)
 Have fun and be creative!

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