Sunday, 9 September 2012

Too cool for school!

Millie's school is getting increasingly strict on the uniform now that she enters the Junior school years, but we do try and bend the fashion rules a little bit to give individuality!

The best way to do this is with tights and socks! I just love stripy tights and socks, but I really love the American Apparel different coloured leg tights!

Tights from American Apparel
Tights from Mini A Ture
Tights from Phister and Philina 
Tights from American Apparel

Sticking to the uniform rules and adding a little bit of your own style can be easy these days, as a lot of highstreet brands such as Next, The Gap and  Zara launch their "schoolwear collections". Here are a few pieces from various brands I have found that I think you could get away with!


Skirt from Paul Smith
Skirt from The Gap


Shirt from The Gap 

Shirt from Paul Smith

Cardigan from Christina Rohde 
Jumper from FUB 
Waist coat from Bonton 
Cardigan from The Gap

Trousers from The Gap

Shoes from The Gap 
Black leather hightops from Converse 
Shoes from Pepe

Boots from Pepe

Shoes from Pepe


If there is one thing I love, it is bags! I have loads and love this selection of school bags!

Leather bag from 
Rucksack from 
Leather satchel with picture from 
Rucksack from 
Rucksack from American Apparel

Pencil case from American Apparel

As you can see school uniforms don't have to be too unfashionable, but if your school is super strict with the uniform why not funk things up with a cool bag or pencil case!

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