Monday, 24 September 2012

Rain rain, please go away!!!

Waking up to the sound of the rain can be quite nice if you don't have to venture out! But on a Monday morning, the wet weather and the school run just do not mix! 

Goggle Umbrellas

I have however, found a few super cool things to help lift your spirits when the heavens open!

Classic Yellow Raincoat

This yellow fisherman's style raincoat from Petit Bateau doesn't just add a bit of sunshine on a dull morning, the oilskin coating means it is completely waterproof too!

Rainbow Raincoat from Molo or

I love Danish brand Molo and I will do a spotlight on the brand very soon as there are so many super cool items for kids! But I fell in love with this coat and wellington boots the first time I set eyes on them!

Rainbow Wellington Boots

I love rain capes and I have selected the best out there, I know they are high end designers but I just couldn't resist posting about them!

Fendi Rain Cape

I love this brown Fendi rain cape as its just so classic and will work well with various outfits!

Stella McCartney Rain Cape

I have posted about Stella's range for kids before and I am always pleased with her offerings for childrenswear. Fun, cool and practical! Perfect!

Barbour and Liberty Jacket

Barbour jackets have become the staple rainwear label for the cool kids in London and beyond, and this collaboration with Liberty for their kidswear collection is just so cute!

Kids love umbrellas, its a fact! And there are some really great ones out there! Here is a pick of a few I think they will love!

Stella McCartney Umbrella

I love this umbrella and I am very tempted to buy it for myself! Turning the umbrella around you can make funny faces! Again something fun but practical you will find from Stella's Kidswear collection!

Red Dior Umbrella

Ok I know this is a bit special but I just couldn't help but post about it! So girly and pretty, this Dior umbrella wouldn't look out of place in Chelsea daaaarling!

Red Polka Dot Retro Umbrella

Super cute retro design!

This retro inspired umbrella from Powell Craft is perfect for little hands, with the shorter wooden handle! Complement this design by an vintage inspired outfit!

High Vis Umbrella

As the nights become darker, the walk home from school can seem quite glum! This high vis umbrella will not only provide a safety element but will add a little fun on the way back home for a hot chocolate!

Frilly Purple Umbrella

I am not sure how waterproof or how strong this delicate looking umbrella is, but its just so pretty I had to post about it! Millie's favourite colour is purple, and although she thinks shes a tom boy I am sure she'd love this!

I am not sure if you can buy these umbrellas but I found them when I was researching for this post! So fun and so funky! 

Have a look at some of these amazing inventions!!! You would totally want it to rain all the time if you owned any of these!!!

Will totally protect you from any form of rain!


I just want these!

So cute, the ultimate romantic gesture!

Great for the dark nights!

This is a water gun... Not a real gun!!!
My favourite! COFFEE holder!

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