Thursday, 20 September 2012

GROwing up!

Millie is 8 and to celebrate this we decided to give her a blast from the past and buy her a purple Raleigh Chopper!!! She loves it, especially when the older kids (age 9) shout "cool bike" when she rides past!

But in all seriousness Millie is at that age now, where she likes boy bands and fashion! Sometimes I find that the labels I like are too babyish for her and the high street offerings for "inbetweeners" are very grown up and a little too sexy!  

Simple yet funky styles.

However the spotlight for today is on a label I feel may just have got the balance right, there are elements of coolness and being grown up but with a softer feel! I am not ready for Millie to wear heels and body con dresses just yet!

An alternative to the more body con style dresses.

Sprout by Gro is a small collection made for the between girl! Annette Nordrup is the designer behind the collection and formed Sprout with the childrenswear company Gro Company.

Grown up but not OTT.

Annette has three goals for Sprout that is: To stimulate the mind and open up the eyes of girls to a different world of creativity and stand out from the crowd. 

Skirts teamed with thick tights make for a more relaxed look.

Design a collection for the between girls - which is not an adult style but not a childs style, with a simple sophisticated edge. 

Quirky items such as this knitted skirt will stand out!

And lastly gather minimalistic, naive and understated design and make a collection where there are no expectations and no rules - just creativity!

Super cool and super edgy doesn't have to be Lady Gaga!

The collection is full of simple yet really cool pieces that I would love to have in my wardrobe! Its very off duty model, with relaxed silhouettes and edgy accessories!

Look for super cool accessories!

Go to for more looks!


  1. Happy Birthday Millie.

    Love the bike. I remember riding around on a pink one just like it!