Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday is the day of rest… and the park!

Bit of a grey day but we can cheer that up by adding some "brights" to today’s outfit.
Millie is wearing… Vintage homemade dress, stripe tee, stripe tights and headscarf!
 I love looking around for individual items for both Millie and I and yesterday I bought this fantastic homemade spotty dress from the festival. It was from an amazing stall that sells childrenswear that has been preworn, and there are some fab finds!
This dress is great for summer (without tee shirt) or for the colder days layered up like today! There is a big trend emerging for layering, with layering clashing colours and patterns key for keeping it ontrend. Stripes are great as they go with pretty much anything and add a little bit of skater cool. But try florals with spots or spots with stripes!!! Anything goes! 
To brighten up the outfit I have added some tights, don’t be afraid to add bright tights (esp stripes) to an outfit and again if it clashes all the better.

The dress is also a great simple A line shape and is so easy for girls to wear, whether that is with tights, bare legs or over jeans! There are some great labels out there that champion this style but Zara have done a fantastic simple dress.
Dress from Zara Kids £25.99 ( 

I have added the scarf to balance out the colours, the yellow just adds to the bright theme and gives a cool retro look that works with the dress. 

The scarf trend has grown recently and wearing it also under the hairline means that hair can be kept out of the eyes. Lots of highstreet stores are selling pretty designs.
    Spotty Headscarf from Topshop £7.00 (

Milie is wearing...
 Dress (Oggs Toggs / contact:
Tee Shirt (
Tights (Minymo / www.
Scarf (Oxfam)

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  1. why has it taken you so long to do this blog missus!? it's awesome! xx