Friday, 13 May 2011


This blog has been set up on the basis to dispel the common consensus that our daughters have to be dressed head to toe in sparkle pink High School Musical logoed apparel. If you have a little thought and creativity it will mean that you can avoid the crop tops and high heels that I have witnessed upon my travels.

I am not talking about dressing your precious one head to toe in designer, I am not that type of mum. But I mean shopping in charity shops, vintage shops, designer and high street stores and putting together a style that suits your child, which is important, let your child be who she wants to be!

My daughter, as much as she loves things that are cute and putting together dance routines. She also likes to climb, jumps off walls and pick up the creepiest of crawleys, therefore white dresses with cute sandals will not cut it!

But it also goes hand in hand with the type of person you are. I have always worked in the creative industries, working as project managers for design agencies and recently (before Millie) working with young fashion designers passing on trend communications to inspire their work.

I have a mass interest in fashion and this shows via my daughter. There are alot of blogs out there that give information on trends and outfits for us " older girls", but I see a massive gap for kids.

I will map out the trends of the moment for adults and relay that information in a child friendly way, I will also give tips and ideas on how to wear these trends. It will possibly mean getting yourself in the midst of some creative activity somewhere.

Photos will also be uploaded to illustrate what I mean. These could be off the catwalk or of Millie herself.

This whole blog is not to be taken literal and I do understand that I am being possibly quite snobby on the seemingly hatred towards the Disney logoed trend, but its meant to inspire or maybe just something to look at!

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  1. Alison at Oggs Toggs15 June 2011 at 18:01

    Hi Clydie and Millie, Have been meaning to post a comment for weeks. Millie you look fab!! Loving the dress on you and the Holly Hobbie influenced hat!Great copy Clydie and I also feel a need for a pair of those Swedish Clog Sandals!! Will keep reading for inspiration. Planning the new venture - name has chnaged from Sprog Stock to Minifolk festival! Watch this space!