Monday, 16 May 2011

Oh hello there...

                            Swedish Hasbeens Clogs

Swedish Hasbeens for kids! I am in love and I need these in Millie's life! Team these with ankle socks and a 70's style denim pinafore dress.

                          Le Tour De Force Hairband

Every girl needs an extra large, over the top, super fun hair accessory like this one from Le Tour De Force.
You could choose to wear it with an equally super fun outfit or team it with a black dress and bright pink tights! Either way your little one will dazzle... Literally!


  1. Loving your blog Clydie, I get soooo fed up with most of the girls clothes on offer for Lily's age, either sugary pink, really inappropriate or printed with nasty pop stars!
    You have inspired me to start searching the charity shops, wish me luck.....

  2. Arrr Lucy thanks so much!!! I know what you mean, theres so much rubbish quality, badly designed items out there! Yeah look at charity shops or search eBay! I've found so much on eBay! Hope you are all well and hope to see you soon! xxx