Monday, 2 June 2014

Hot Picks SS14

Here are Millie Is Wearing HOT PICKS for SS14! There are some really inspiring and interesting brands out there that are pushing the boundaries of childrenswear.

These are just a few of the labels that are exciting me at the moment!

California based Mini and Maximus take their influence directly from kids! Their eco friendly brand take inspiration from how curious, impulsive, whimsical and funny kids are!

Each season they collaborate with artists both young and old that inspire them, they create original ideas exclusively designed for Mini and Maximus!

The prints the cuts and the styling of the pieces are inspirational! Take a look!

They have various stockist in the UK and have a online store! Click here to go to Mini and Maximus truly amazing website!

Once upon a time there was a clothing brand that spoke the language that children speak...

Bobo Choses design comfortable pieces and carefully select colours to go hand in hand with playful, poetic and imaginative prints. 

Each Bobo Choses collection is a fantastical world on its own, with a singe illustrated character and  it's own story! As a result, collections are fun, unique and meaningful to children!

This season their collection is based on the acronym "BCHF", which means "Bobo Choses Have Fun"

They design for boys too and have a online store and stockist in the UK! Have fun at Bobo Choses, click here!

The no gravity brand for kids, created under the full moon.

I am slightly in love with this brand, their designs and colour palette for SS14 are perfect! But the main reason really is the use of Unicorns! You can't deny that Unicorns are the coolest illustrations for girls!

These leggings are sure to be on the shopping list!

The twist in the designs are clever, with the frilled not too OTT arms of the vest tops are effective and the cut of the trouser with off centre buttons are just super cool!

They cater for boys too and have stockist in the UK! You must have a look! Click here!

Polder is a Parisian womenswear brand who presented their first kids collection in 2007. So you can only expect chic and effortless designs from Paris!

Handmade and handcrafted values have a great importance in their collections.

The shapes are very pure and work is focused on the prints and materials used. 

Oh Oui Oui Oui! They stock in the UK, and good luck not falling in love with the womenswear collection!!! See the full kids collection here.


  1. Love this season's Bobo Choses, the vintage wash on everything makes it feel like you've owned it forever.
    Love your wallpaper/background images, by the way. Super cool!

  2. Thank you that makes me happy! x