Thursday, 5 June 2014

Best Foot Forward!

Here is a round up of the best footwear out there for kids!

Stella MacCartney

A special mention has to go to Stella MacCartney's Dragon trainers. 

I can't say anything else about them... Lets just look at them for a moment!

Click here to buy!

Swedish Hasbeens

Millie has had Swedish Hasbeens before and she thought she was really grown up in heels, but of course they didn't look like heels they just looked cute! Happy all around!

Millie's were tan in colour, however going on their main site I have spotted these great metallic versions! They come in all manor of differing styles and colours.

PS they have some amazing adult versions!!! 

Click here for the Swedish Hasbeen site.

Click here for a UK retailer.


I love Vans, I have always loved Vans from a very young age, when I found out my hero Tony Alva (the skater) released his own design! I used to pretend I was a member of Dogtown and Z Boys (still do!).

Vans have had some absolute crazy designs in the past and these Cat Vans are up there with crazy! Mirroring the trend of all thing psychedelic , these just need to be teamed with very plain outfit, such as black leggings to let the sneakers do the talking!!!

Millie does favour the slip on versions however, as they are easier to slip on and save a lot of time in the morning!


Whether its the stripe ticking design of the lace ups or the slip on classic bold colours you can rely on Bensimon shoes to give any outfit a touch of Italian laid back style!

They are great beach shoes also! We love you Bension!


Pepe are an Italian brand that produce good quality fuss free leather shoes! Whether its their Mary Janes or their flat sandals you know that you are getting extremely good quality shoes that will fit well and last and last!

The sandals for SS14 will look great with a girly dress, or if like Millie more or a Tom Boy the wear with ankle grazer jeans for a grown up sophisticated feel!


Millie had a pair of creepers a few years ago for Camp Bestival and the amount of attention she got was so funny! Underground and TUK being the main pioneers, who do cater for children! 


Now more mainstream than what they were only just a few years ago, you can even get an incredible version from Start Rite! 

Start Rite

Click here for TUK.

Click here for Start Rite.


I spotted these Miller shoes some time ago! I fell in love and just need to get them for Millie!

The bright acid green / yellow colourway of this Mary Jane's are just calling out for a pair of navy tights a super colourful dress and a big pom pom head band!


Converse Chucks Taylor's have to be the most famous and most popular baseball boot ever! Millie has a pair in all colours (ok some aren't actually Converse) and she wears them for school (opps) and weekends! They go with anything and definitely add a touch of American "preppy" to a look! Very cool for girls of a certain near teen age!

There's a great app on the Converse website, in which you can design your very own pair of Converse!

Here's the Millie Is Wearing pair:

You can choose from all kinds of patterns!

The colourways are your choice!

You can even customise it with a name or a message!

Click here to design your own!

Click here to shop at Converse!

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