Friday, 13 May 2016

Millie is a teen - well she's 11... A 5'7'' TWEEN!

Its has been some time since the last blog entry, alot has gone on in Millie sartorial life! No longer is she the cute little 8year old. She has turned into a sassy young lady that wants to fit in with the crowd following older YouTubers advice on how to dress and now looking at pop stars as style icons.

I think this is great and I will never stop her growing up and exploring her style. But with images in the magazine of sexy pop stars that she wants to imitate I find it hard sometimes to find a style that isn't too grown up but is still ''accepted'' as cool in her mind.

In comes the difficult TWEENS period, where you're not a teenager but not a young primary school kid. This transition is difficult mentally and physically. I find this alot with Millie being 5'7'' at 11 years old in that she doesn't physically fit into 'kids' clothing. Instead she will look to the likes of New Look and H&M teens, as well as most women's UK size 6 or 8. Which can be tricky as alot of looks are a little sexy for an 11 year old!

 My style has been through all kinds of themes from rock star to hip hop rapper throughout my life! And to be honest still flips back and forth depending on my mood. And thats what I love about fashion, its not to show off with mega expensive labels its to make you happy, live a fantasy and most importantly have fun!

This is what I intend to show Millie, its not all about fashion and what label you are wearing but its what you feel comfortable in. In the next coming years there will be a change in our relationship. I won't be dressing Millie as I want her to ultimately feel comfortable in her own skin, so I will let her grow. However I will be there for the rock star and hip hop phases, and will advise and encourage not to follow the crowd too much!

 This blog will change angle and I hope will help others through these somewhat at times difficult pre teen and teen years. I will look upon Millie also to be my fountain of knowledge, mixing my trend predictions work with her insight to what girls of the Instagram era are wearing.

I intend to discuss and report on various topics; TWEEN fashion, charity shop hauls, shopping hauls, fashion for different occasions, womenswear catwalk trends that can be diluted into TWEEN friendly fashion, seasonal trends and spot lights on labels.

Its going to be an exciting time and hope you will join us on this fashion adventure!

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