Sunday, 23 June 2013


Hello! We haven't posted for some time now! But we have all been very busy! Normal service will resume as we are back to normal! Millie's daddy has been filming some music videos and I have been giving him advice on the styling side of things! Which was very enjoyable! All the ideas I gave him seemed to work and the artists loved them! YAY! But more on that later!

Millie has been involved in the music videos alot too, espeically for the Union J video Millie's dad directed and shot! She loves them and was so happy but super shy when first meeting them!!! But after a day of hanging out she was fine, in fact I found her on their tour van chatting away like old friends!!! 

The picture here of her, George and Josh is so funny! I haven't ever seen her pull such a face before! It is a face of excitement and complete shock!!! 

Oh and watch out for Millie and her best friend Winnie, they have just recorded their first ever Vlog, its full of fashion tips and ideas!!! It will be on here very soon!

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