Sunday, 17 February 2013

Growing Up Fast!

It has been quite some time since the last post! But we are back and we are all a bit older! What does this mean for Millie Is Wearing? Well it means Millie has even more input in what she thinks looks good! She will be adding her styling tips to the posts too - So watch this space!

Today's post is about her new outfit that Millie is wearing! The most amazing military jacket is from TK Maxx and really does have a similar feel to the Stella McCartney one we saw a couple of seasons ago, but this one because from TK Maxx was just £19.99!!! The jacket goes with anything and always adds a Camden feel to any outfit!

But today it has been teamed with a French Connection stripe dress and Phister and Philina harem pants. The dress is going to be a great throw on and not think about it item throughout summer! And the trousers... well lets talk about these amazing harem trousers!

Tight at the bottom and amazingly voluminous at the top they are just so high fashion! The light grey circles on the dark grey background are just so cute without being too childlike! Millie loves them as she can run around, roll around and climb trees without showing her pants! (Her words)

To top off the look these patent Dr. Martens boots are just perfect, adding a bit of edgy bulk whilst not making the outfit look too hard!

We have seen alot of neon accessories the past seasons, with handbags, jewellery and bobble hats brightening up outfits! Millie's neon green Dakine hat is great, its super chunky and bought from a skate shop, so Millie thinks its really coooooool!


"If you're a girl and you're like a tomboy, all in ones play suits with flowers and pink stuff on them are great for parties. It is girlie enough for a party but they're trousers so you can still climb things!"

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