Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hello Stranger!

Wow what a busy few weeks I have had!

I have just started to write again for a trend prediction company called the "Trend Boutique" A great information source for all aspects of design! I am writing at the moment the trend predictions for childrenswear for AW 13/14, and there are some super cool and interesting trends on the horizon!

We have also just got tickets again for the Tweed Run, which is so exciting as this time we had to enter a lottery to have a chance of winning tickets as there were over 3,000 applicants! AND WE WON! This time however, Millie is riding the whole 12 miles through London on her own! I am just about happy with her outfit, I do need a bow tie however, but I will post the pictures of her in her Tweed Run outfit asap!

I will be back on the posting side very soon, so please keep checking...


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