Sunday, 23 October 2011

Millie is partying!

Millie seems to be invited to more parties than Paris Hilton could ever wish for!

Party wear for girls can be very pink and very sparkly!!! I have tried to buck this trend a bit and try to open up party wear for Millie so the Barbie look doesn't always have to be the dress code!

For a girl of a certain age (7 years old!!!) their party wear list tends to consist of:

Fake fur 

So... in response to this I think I have found good alternatives so that she doesn't look like an extra off The Only Way Is Essex!

Fake Fur!!!
You can get a lot of fur type shrugs for girls in all kind of pastel pinky colours with diamond embellishments, which can look lovely but for a funky edge try a shaggier style. This Zara staple was bought a couple of years ago and looks great over t-shirts, coats and jumpers! A shaggier style like this adds a retro feel to an outfit instantly.

Yes you can have fufu and Millie does have alot of pretty items! But for a change this simple straight cut dress from The Gap, with a simple monochrome dotty design is a alternative that can be dressed up or down.

For this I have found a great pair of clog style shoes from H&M, they have a little heel but are so cute they are acceptable! Team with cute stripy socks for that Danish chic!

I love girls to be girls and I think they should try out all kinds of pink and sparkle and Millie does love to go to the supermarket as a princess! But I think sometimes a change and twist on what party outfits you can create is refreshing more than anything.

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