Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Superhero Chic

Millie is wearing... Superhero Chic!

On the catwalk it seems that Superhero inspiration is everywhere! This was seen in abundance from Jeremy Scott for A/W 11:

What with the new Batman and Captain America films soon to be released, t-shirts and Superhero inspired apparel is available everywhere! This trend is just perfect for all kids big or small! 

Key designs to look out for: 'stars', 'stripes' and 'lightening'. 

Look out for pieces from high street stores, especially H&M, Zara and even supermarkets such as Asda!

But I love these tees from a company called "babypop" that are listing in www.etsy.com :

You don't have to dress up in full on costume, just take a few pieces that have the inspiration! Zara have a fantastic shirt for this season that highlights this:

Or the funky trousers from Nordic Kids:

Or these items that are to be sure to give super powers:

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